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Travelling Places with kids

Family holidays are wonderful – not only do they offer great bonding time they offer a tremendous education for children and fantastic opportunities for intergenerational exchanges. After travelling pretty much all of my life I was delighted to introduce my children to the joys of experiencing other regions of the world and the variety of wildlife and cultural experiences they offer.
Children bring a different aspect to travel. I had 10 years of living in central London as single adult and felt very confident of my knowledge of this city so I was surprised and delighted at the other side of this fantastic city my children showed me.
Whether you are travelling with one child or several, as parents or grandparents, travelling with children is different to travelling as adults. Travelling with toddlers is different to travelling with teenagers. With our experience we will help plan your trip so that there not too many agonisingly long waits at airports, we will let you know which airlines cater for children and which cruise ships operate kid’s programmes. We can advise you on the best style of holiday based on your children’s ages and your family’s interests and hobbies.
Let your children do some of the research. My son when he was aged 8 came to me having decided that we needed to go to China with all the details of a great trip. Together we arranged a holiday almost identical to his plans – he’s still chuffed at the input he had to a marvellous holiday.
Imagine exploring the jungle of Puerto Rico or watching the migration across the Serengeti Plains of Africa, dressing up as emperors in China, navigating the canals of France, driving the back roads and villages of rural Europe, camping by the rim of the Grand Canyon or trekking through the Himalayas.
Take the headache out of arranging these trips and rely on our experience and knowledge to help design a holiday that offers a life time of memories for all of your family.